“What the hell have we gotten ourselves into here?”

This podcast celebrates disco—or, dance music, if you like—from its peak, which I’ll define as the early 1960s to the mid-1980s.  It’s the music that grew up with and out of the social unrest of the 1960s, unique to the underground tribes of the times (blacks, Hispanics, gays, feminists, progressives) as they moved from protest to forging self-identity though celebration.  As disco became “a thing” (came above ground/went commercial) it warped into something strangely plastic, ridiculously kitschy and brazenly aspirational (…everybody wants to be/bourgié, bourgié, super bourgeois…). I love this euro-Frankenstein version equally well—did someone say “Supernature?”. I grow less interested the more the music moves away from “organic” sounds (real strings and horns), toward the robotics of synthesizers, drum machines and vocal manipulations.  That said, I think Donna Summer/Giogio Moroder’s “I Feel Love” is the acme of modern culture. 

The episodes tend to be organized around theme—a disco Theme Time Radio Hour—with those themes ranging from subject matter to genre to medium.