The Young Girls of Rochefort Go to a Disco



Today’s ipod-sode is brought to you by La La Land.  I was mildly amused by it (I mean, it paled in the Moonlight), and grateful to have seen it if only because it sent me back to its source material – the great MGM musicals, especially as channeled by Jacques Demy in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and The Young Girls of Rochefort, two of my favorite films. And so an homage to all things discothèque Frances and Hollywood romantic, with a cornerstone that is the swirling medley of Michel Legard movie themes “Disco Magic Concorde.”  Homage/fromage: yes, I am well aware that this offering is terribly caloric, but I own up to a fondness (fondue-ness?) for unabashedly cheesy disco (especially Euro-disco).  I mean, Umbrellas and Young Girls are two of my favorite movies for crying out loud!

 The Last Disco in Paris - Partners’79 ¥ Love Is Still Blue - Paul Mauriat ’76 ¥ Do You Speak French? - Nite School ’78 ¥ D.I.S.C.O. - Ottawan ’79 ¥ Flight from Versailles - The Grand Tour ’77 ¥ Sea Sex and Sun - Serge Gainsbourg ’78 ¥ Disco Magic Concorde – Michel Legrand ’78 ¥ Love Affair - Claudia Cardinale ’77 ¥ Femme - Dalida ’83 ¥ The Gay Paris/French Pillow Talk - Patrick Juvet ’79 ¥ Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Abbe Lane ’80 ¥ Singing in the Rain - Sheila + B. Devotion ’77 ¥ Can-Can - Stainless Steal ’78 ¥ The Night They Invented Love/Au Revoir - Noël ’79