The podcast has been on hold for a bit; I’ve had a lot going on, and I must admit my inspiration had waned a bit.  Now that we find ourselves in Trumplandia, however, I think disco is more important than ever, given that it grew out of the tribes most likely to be threated by Der Führer.  So here’s a raspberry to our new administration and a call to arms to stand up to his hate.


Many of these songs are “disco” only around the edges, or songs that didn’t get released in their day and have only surfaced recently.  That’s true of the opener and closer.  “Blue Sway” started out as a jam during McCartney’s sessions for his second true solo album.  It was fleshed out in full disco finery by Richard Niles as a bonus track on the re-mastered McCartney II.  The Droids and Arpadys were French prog rockers who veered toward disco.  The Incredible Bongo Band and Cliff Noble have long been in the dance pantheon, although both Apache and the Horse he rode in on pre-date the disco-as-disco era. I’ve thrown in some deep Eurodisco—Patrick Juvet before he joined Casablanca, French singer Chatelaine and discoCzech funksters Discobolos (who look less like a disco act than even Dschinghis Khan). Finally, there’s Disco Tech.  Who wouldn’t want a disco cut by Carole King?  And yet, no one seemed to want this.  I think because it’s about a year too late to the party, and it was heavily under-promoted.  Sounds like a winner today.


Blue Sway -- Paul McCartney with Richard Niles ’80  Ω  Shanti Dance -- Droids ’78  Ω  Apache -- Michael Viner’s Incredible Bongo Band ’73  Ω  Peter Gunn -- Henry Mancini ’75  Ω  The Horse -- Cliff Noble & Co. ’68  Ω  Monkey Star -- Arpadys ’77  Ω  Zárlíš -- Discobolos ’78  Ω  Corps a Corps -- Chatelaine ’77  Ω  Catch the Rhythm -- Caress ’79  Ω  Ou Sont les Femmes? -- Patrick Juvet ’77  Ω  Disco Tech -- Carole King ’78  Ω  Sadie (She Smokes) -- Joe Bataan feat. Jocelyn Brown  ’80  Ω  Sleaze -- Evelyn Thomas ’80