Gentle Persuasion



Started this ages ago and got distracted by life. I had already slapped Isaac Hayes and Bob Crewe together when a friend who is editing a book on Rick James asked if “Super Freak” and “When You Were Mine” were the first explicit mentions of ménage à trois in pop music. I don’t think he was quite ready for me to be so quick on the draw with "Moonlight Lovin’" and BCG. (and, of course, there's "Triad" from back in the day.)

I simply can’t get beyond the passing of Prince.  I need to put something together, but that will take some time, I fear. Meanwhile, here’s some sweet talk.

Let’s Do It in Slow Motion - Latimore ’76 * Happiness IsJust Around the Bend - the Main Ingredient ’74 * People Fall in Love WhileDancing - Foxy ’76 * Do You Take This Man? - Tom Jones ’79* Moonlight Lovin’ -Isaac Hayes ’77 * Ménage à Trois - B.C.G. ’76 * You Can’t Hide Your Love - David Joseph ’83 * Things That ICould Do to You - Randy Brown ’80 * Midnight at the Oasis - Pleasure ’75 * CoolMe Out - Lamont Dozier ’81 * Don’t Freeze Up - Flavor ’75 * I Don’t Do This -Sidney Joe Qualls ’79 * Give Your Body Up - Billy Nichols ’79 * Running AwayFrom Love - Skip Mahoaney & the Casuals ’76 * Kind of Life - North End ’79* Give It Up - Sylvester ’81