“We want Pigmeat!” Pigmeat Markham for president—sounds better than any of our current choices.  I’d cast a vote for Brother D as well, whose “Agitate, educate, organize!” sounds like good advice for our times. The organization principle for this episode is talking disco, be it rap,recitation or smarmy Euro-mumbling. From time to time I forget that Loleatta Holloway is the undisputed fierce ruling diva. One listen to “Dreamin’” and it all comes back again.  Her finest moment? Pado is a Cerrone joint and Sumeria is Alex Costandinos. Finally, since I started out on my soapbox,I’ll end up there as well.  The shooting in Orlando was an unspeakable tragedy; a side effect was a reminder of just how little the mainstream media knows about gay bars. I kept hearing Pulse described as a safe space in terms that made it sound as if everyone inside did nothing but hug each other, rock back and forth and sing “We Are the World” between affirmations of diversity and visions of prancing unicorns.  I counter with “Twisted,” which I’ve always found to be an accurate aural equivalent of a gay bar.   

Want to Talk to You – Pado & Co. ’78 * I Wanna Be With You – Texico ’77 * Ms. Fine Brown Frame – Syl Johnson ’82 * How We Gonna Make the Black Nation Rise? – Brother D with Collective Effort ’80 * Dreamin’ – Loleatta Holloway ’76 * Freedom to Express Yourself – Jimmy Jackson ’79 * King Tim III – Fatback ’79 * Way OutWest – Kurtis Blow ’80 * Dance and Leave It All Behind You – Sumeria ’77 * You’re the First, the Last, My Everything –Barry White ’74 * Child of the Wind – Caesar Frazier ’78 * Get Dancin’—DiscoTex & His Sex-o-lettes ’75 * Twisted – Twisted ’98 * Here Come the Judge –Pigmeat Markham ’68